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Monday, April 28, 2008

Veins like worms and snakes!

This guy is so vascular that it looks like worms or snakes are crawling under his skin.

Bodybuilder flexing so hard the veins look as if they will explode out of his chest!

This guy is flexing so hard that it looks like the veins are going to pop right out of his chest.

Forearm veins bulging on regular guy!

This guy has a naturally huge and musular forearm that has veins popping out. Awesome veinage!

Veins pop out from nowhere on bodybuilder doing Most Muscular pose!!!

The veins come out of nowhere on this bodybuilder as he does a Most Muscular pose. Look at them straining to come out of his skin. Awesome!!!

Huge bobbing Adam's Apple and neck veins straining on a muscular throat!

This guy has one of the most muscular throats I have seen! Check out his huge Adam's Apple bobbing and the veins straining in his neck.

Amazing neck veins and tendons!

Check this guy's amazing neck veins and tendons out as he strectches them to the max!
Amazing veins in this guy's neck!

Amazing forearm veinage!

Look at the veins in this guy's arms! It is incredible the way his veins pump up and it makes his arms look amazingly strong. What do you think about veins like this?

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