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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Johan Fehd Karouani is "The King of Veins!"

He is called the "King of Veins"! 
When you see all the veins that snake around his pumped muscles after he does bicep curls you will see why!
He has superhuman vascularity!
Check out his You Tube channel for more!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

BARPHYSIQUE Is Ripped And Vascular!

Look at how vascular his physique is!
He has a killer most muscular pose with shredded traps and delts and he has a massive network of veins on his ripped biceps!

Incredible bodybuilder!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hazbin's Vascular Forearm

Another awesome picture from one of this website's favorite vascular bodybuilders Hazbin.
His forearm is over 17 inches and full of thick veins!

Huge Vascular Traps and Delts

This guy's muscles are so developed that the veins jump out at you.
Look at his traps! It's as if the muscle is so pumped that the veins can't
help but stand out!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bdyroc11 And His Vascular Arms

Bdyroc11 has incredibly huge and vascular muscles!
His forearms are covered in thick veins and muscles!
Be sure to check out his You Tube channel to see his veiny muscles
in action!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

More from super vascular bodybuilder Hazbin!

The veins on his biceps are thicker than a pencil. They look bigger around than an extension cord! He looks as if he could wrap his arms around a boulder and crush it into a powder!


You can really see that his impressive vascularity goes all throughout his ripped body in the second picture.

All over his pecs and arms!

Vascular pecs without even flexing!

Almost totally relaxed, the veins are prominent all over this ripped bodybuilder's chest and arms!

Love how they meet on his pecs!

Bodybuilder shows off his super vascular muscular arm!

The veins are really popping in this guy's arm without him even flexing!
He will never have a problem have blood drawn.

Paper thin skin shows the veins!

His skin is paper thin and he is rpped so you can really see the veins popping out even though he is barely flexing!

Bodybuilder is vascular from head to toe!

This guy is vascular from head to toe!

He is so ripped that the muscles in his face are forcing veins to pop out in his forehead. They then snake down his massive neck and over his ripped arms!

His pecs are striated too!

Perfect condition!

Daz Ball and his veiny muscles!

His thigh is ripped to shreds in this picture and he looks as if he has hundreds of pencil sized veins bulging throughout the massive muscle!

Love how the thick veins branch out all over his muscles!


Video of Ripped Muscles and Veins Bulging!

Bodybuilders flexing and showing off their ripped muscles and bulging veins!

You won't believe how vascular these dudes are and how hard they flex their muscles in order to make the vascularity pop out!

Huge vascular quads on display!

His thighs are so ripped and vascular! Look at the veins snaking up and down the massive muscle!

He is tight and hard!

Extremely Vascular Most Muscular Flex!

What type of training and nutrition does it take to achieve this level of physical conditioning? His bodyfat has to be extremely low.

He is all veins and muscle!

Look at the concentration of veins on his hard pecs!


Vascular Muscle Tank Ready For Battle!

Huge veins snaking across big muscular trap and down throughout his ripped pecs and striated biceps!
Damn! This dude is in excellent condition!
He is like a muscle tank ready for battle!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tree Branch like veins in rock hard bicep!

Looking at this dude's bicep is like looking at an anatomy chart!

You can see how the massive network of veins branch out from under his arm and spread all over his muscular bicep!

His veins look like tree branches!


Network of veins on hard bicep!

His huge veins are bulging and branching out of his muscular arm!

He is barely flexing his arm but the vascularity is very prominent!
Love that bunch of veins on his bicep!

Vascular Biceps and Forearm Flex!

This dude's biceps is so ripped and vascular! He is so muscular and lean that his veins are engorged even though he isn't even flexing his biceps that hard!

Dominique Cheniart and his vascular forearms!

Dominique is a Personal Trainer and has an unbelievably ripped physique! The veins in his arms are so huge in this pic as they snake throughout the ripped muscle!


Check out his website for more!

Vin Marco Is The Muscle MASTER!

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