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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Most Vascular Bodybuilder in the world?

How incredible is this dude's physique?
He even has veins bulging in his forehead!
He looks as if he has no bodyfat!

He may be the most vascular bodybuilder that we have ever seen!
Look at how ripped his chest is also!

Dave Palumbo and his freaky muscular physique!

Look at his thighs!
They are so huge and ripped!
His glutes are so ripped they are knotted with muscle and striations!

Branch Warren is a behemoth!

Look at how huge and muscular Branch Warren is in this picture!
The veins in his chest are pumped up to the size of hoses!

Bodybuilder with incredible vascular muscles

The veins are snaking all over his body!
Huge veins in his neck down through his delts crossing over into his pecs and of course all over his arms!
He is shredded!

Extremely ripped muscular body

This dude is striated all over!
Look at the lines in his pecs!
Look at the veins and muscles bulging in his arms!

Ripped Forearm

Armkash from Russia has incredibly vascular and muscular forearms!
Look at the way the muscle bulges and the veins are thick and powerful!

Friday, November 25, 2011

His veins are bigger than pencils!

Check out he incredible vascularity on this dude! The veins in his arms are bigger than a pencil! He is in amazing physical condition!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Extremely Vascular and Muscular Forearm Flexing!

Armkash is from Russia and has some of the most well developed forearms.
They are densely muscular and extremely vascular!

Can you imagine how strong he is?

Check out his You Tube channel for more incredible flexing videos!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Vin Marco Is The Muscle MASTER!

Looking for men who want to show off their muscles and veins in videos and picutures!

Looking for males who like showing off their muscles and veins. Seeking bodybuilders and regular men. Remain anonymous if you want to.