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My friend Brian and how his muscles and veins turned me into a muscle lover!

I remember Brian very well. In seventh grade we became friends. My fond memories of Brian started out so innocently one day in class when we as raucous young men were showing our muscles to each other. Boasting who had the biggest and strongest muscles as we were becoming teenagers and were starting to become aware of our bodies. Brian and "D" were really going at it with each other about whose muscles were better. "D" had a lean and athletic physique. Long and sinewy at the time. So when he flexed his long arm, His biceps became a hard tight ball of steel. He was proud of his muscles and I remember sneaking quick looks at it wishing I could touch it.

Brian was unimpressed as if he had something to hide when he first showed his muscles. He calmly raised his shirt and didn't say anything as he curled his arm upwards. I nearly jumped out of my seat when I saw his biceps! His biceps were so defined and developed that I saw indentations and veins deeply etched into them! He caught me looking at him and started pumping his arm up and down. As he did that the indentations and veins became more pronounced and from his forearm up to his shoulder looked like a machine pulsating with power! "D" quickly turned back to doing his work as I continued to stare at Brian's muscles. The teacher told us to concentrate on our work but Brian caught me sneaking glances at his still pulsating forearms the rest of the period. And the thing about it is. He smiled at me everytime he caught me looking at him.

The next school year, me and Brian were in French class together. It was the last period of the day and we sat next to each other in the back of the class. The teacher didn't care that we seemed to be sitting isolated because we did our work and got good grades in the class. One day about 30 minutes before the final bell rang, Brian started feeling his arm. I asked him had he lifted weights before because I had thought about his muscle display frequently especially when we would talk to each other. He told me that he had been lifting weights for more than a year. He said "Watch this!" Brian started pumping his forearms and veins started to look as if they were going to pop out of his skin! His forearm veins became so huge and engorged that he started moving them around with his other hand. He could literally pick up the pencil sized veins and let them fall back down. He saw my enjoyment and amazement and started flexing his biceps.

The indentations in his muscles were so etched and defined that I could see the muscle insertions as they became huge baseballs under his skin! He then told me to feel it. When I touched his muscles I was amazed by how hard they were. To this day I have to press down on marble to simulate how hard this boy's muscles were. I couldn't make an indentation no matter how hard I pressed down on them. He was just as pleased at how much I was enamored by his muscularity as I was to sit there and watch and feel his muscular power and superiority. The bell rang and we stayed behind for at least 15 minutes as he flexed his muscles into hard pulsating slabs and bumps of flesh and veins! He finally got up and said I have to go. When he stood up let's just say that he had been truly just as excited as I was underneath his desk!

Me and Brian started sitting next to each other in every class we had together. through the years. It got to a point that he was flexing his muscles and making his veins pop out on almost a daily basis! I was in muscle heaven. When we would talk on the phone Brian would tell me about his workouts. I remember one time he told me that he was starting to notice muscles that he never knew he had. He told me that he would have to take off his shirt the next day to show me. We went into a bathroom stall the next day at lunch and I literally hollered with excitement when I saw his whole body. His shoulders were like bowling balls and had striations in them. His chest was so pumped and big that his nipples pointed dowards to the floor from the heavy weight of the muscle.

His arms looked every bit of the 17 inches that he had told me they were. His back had so many ridges of muscle in it that I couldn't help but run my hand over in amazement when he turned around. He told me that his back muscles were the ones that had suprised him the night before. He flexed his traps and told me to feel along the back of his neck. He told me that he didn't know he had muscles like this on the back of his neck and I just felt and stared in amazement. His abdominal muscles were hard as a brick. It felt like he had a two by four piece of wood underneath his skin. He told me that he did at least 300 situps everyday! By this time we were in the 10th grade, he looked like a man with facial hair and everything. He told me as I was in a trance feeling his muscles that he had never met anyone who loved muscles as much as I did. And I told him that his physique had done this too me. He laughed and flexed for another five minutes before he put his shirt on. For the rest of the day I was in a daze as I thought about the full body muscle flexing that I had just been priviledged to take part in. As muscular as he was, he was a short dude. I now see that is why he was so determined to turn his body into a muscle machine.

His short stature seemed to magnify how amazing his muscles were. After that day in the bathroom he had started wearing tank tops a lot and that made it even easier for him to flex his muscles for me. Even if we were taking a test, I would look up and he would make his pecs bounce under his shirt. Or he would drop his pencil and flex his triceps and make his veins pulsate as he bent over to pick it up! We even started meeting up with each other an hour before school started in the cafeteria and I felt his muscles and he flexed for me with no interruptions. We even started buying and sharing bodybuilding books and magazines.

After High School we lost touch. I have searched endlessly for Brian throughout the years and tell this story with the secret hope that Brian somehow reads this and realizes that his personal muscle and vein worshipper is still thinking about his awesome physique.


Anonymous said...

To the author,

Your story almost got me to tears. I felt just the way you did all my life. Muscles and veins are the most beautiful energy ever. Glory to all muscular and vascular men and boys everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Did you and Brian ever you know do anything?

Administrator said...

We were both usually aroused when I would feel his muscles and no one else was around.

I spent the night at his house a few times in High School and we did have several "special" encounters!

We were also roomates on our Senior trip and both got drunk and had an encounter in the hotel room!

Anonymous said...

Dang that's a hot story - as witnessed by the wet spot in my shorts right now !

S L Childs said...

My question is what exercise and nutrition practices did Brian instinctively follow. Myself I'm looking into muscle density as a big factor. said...

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Anonymous said...

How old were you and Brian at the time?

Anonymous said...

great story! did you two ever wrestle or arm wrestle? was he stronger than all the other guys?

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