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Monday, February 12, 2007

Vascular Bodybuilding

Vascular bodybuilders have always been a facsincation for many people. The way veins bulge out on tight and defined muscles is both alluring and desired by many people. The current wave of muscle and fitness have brought bodybuilding to new heights and more and more people are training and acheiving awesome muscular and vascular bodies.

People that were interested in learning about vascular bodybuilding didn't have many resources. They would secretly watch bodybuilding shows on ESPN hoping to find pictures and videos of muscular vascular bodybuilders and information, which there never seemed to be enough. That day is gone and this site will show you everything about vascular bodybuilders that you want to know.


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sporttoe said...

hi - great bods. do you know something about neck vascularity? heard extreme neckveins are a special sign of fitness. do you know guys with extreme vascular throats? would be fine - thanx and by

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